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  • Cargill

    "Cargill is globally recognized for the Unipectine brand. It has been over forty years since the company introduced pectin to the Japanese market. Unipectine, which is derived from apples and citrus fruits, can be prepared in a variety of ways to meet customer needs.

  • Rousselot

    Rousselot is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gelatin and collagen peptide products. It manufactures and sells these goods to the food, medicine, and industrial sectors. With thirteen plants worldwide, the company is widely recognized for delivering first-in-class technical prowess and stable quality.

  • ButterBuds

    Butter Buds Food Ingresients uses natural dairy ingredients as the raw materials for its flavoring supplements. Its technical prowess and quality has earned the company a reputation for excellence both in Japan and throughout the world. The Buds Series is a flavor enhancer made from natural dairy ingredients that is capable of enhancing the true flavor of dairy products in small quantities.

  • Dow Chemical

    Dow Chemical is the world’s largest comprehensive manufacturer of chemical products. The METHOCEL™ brand offers methylcellulose and HPMC worldwide and is recognized for technical excellence, stable supply, and consistent quality. METHOCEL™ is a unique material with thermal gelation and outstanding emulsification properties that can be applied to a range of foodstuffs.

  • Unipektin

    Unipektin is a Swiss firm engaged in the manufacture of guar gum, tara gum, and locust bean gum, which are natural stabilizers derived from seeds. With outstanding technical capacity and product quality, Unipektin is a trusted vendor that has been selling in Japan for 35 years.

  • Diana Naturals

    Diana Naturals is headquartered in Brittany, famous as a French apple producing region. Utilizing its many years of expertise in the condensed extraction of natural ingredients, Diana Naturals develops a range of functional ingredients that are widely respected around the world.

  • AlzChem

    Creapure® is manufactured by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH and is the only creatine product made in Germany. Only the most stringently selected products and advanced techniques, along with a collection of in-house patents, are used to produce Creapure®, which is globally renowned for having the highest purity and quality of any creatine product on the market.

  • Raisio

    Finnish Raisio manufactures plant-derived stanol esters, which have been demonstrated to reduce high blood cholesterol levels. This product is used globally in the Benecol brand.

  • Inoreal

    Inoreal, based out of Spain, produces Satiereal®, the world’s only saffron stigma extract. It is a brand new diet ingredient that curbs feelings of hunger and has already garnered considerable praise.

  • KFSU

    KFSU is based in Queensland, Australia and was founded by large-scale local farms. Based on that background, the company has outstanding procurement abilities and utilizes that strength, along with its unique manufacturing processes and quality control infrastructure, to produce high quality, naturally-derived improving agents.

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