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About our ingredients

Polysaccharide thickeners
We procure hydrocolloids like pectin from the world’s best manufacturers and
use our expertise with these ingredients and knowledge of the global market to
present solutions to our clients. We develop products order-made to clients’
needs and produce them within Japan. Our long expertise with polysaccharides
allows us to effectively solve clients’ technical issues and contribute to
the development of new products.
Food ingredients
We select the most unique ingredients the world has to offer and present ingredients
that contribute to the development of products that are healthy and delicious. Our
range of items increase the added value of your product, reduce its total cost, and more.
Functional ingredients
With the implementation new policy for the display of functional benefits on food
products and booming interest in health foods, we have never been in a better age
for functional ingredients. We offer a range of ingredients that support these new
display standards on health benefits, probiotics, and other functions. In addition
to pursuing the excellent functionality of these products, we also develop them to
be delicious to eat and provide a range of solutions for their use.
  • Polysaccharide thickeners Polysaccharide thickeners
  • Food ingredients Food ingredients
  • Functional ingredients Functional ingredients
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    We select a range of hydrocolloids, among them pectin, from the best global suppliers and present solutions to clients based on our deep expertise in their use. 

  • Promotional activities

    Promotional activities

    We exhibit at a range of expos each year, using these events as an opportunity to share our products and technologies with the food industry.

  • Ensuring safety

    Ensuring safety

    We strictly select the most unique ingredients from around the world for our purposes. We work only with trusted suppliers, ensuring that we provide you with safe and high-quality products.

  • Our business scope

    Our business scope

    We import natural and functional ingredients from global manufacturers and sell them to domestic food manufacturers in Japan.