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Ethical Compliance Committee

Ensuring safety

Ethical Compliance Committee

Corporate code of conduct

While corporations are economic entities that seek profit through fair and open competition, they must also
serve a useful function to society at large. Unitec Foods Co., Ltd. is based on the vision of
acting as a healthy and sound concern and taking on new challenges to expand our knowledge and growth.
We pursue the following code of conduct to respect human rights around the world, comply with all
laws and regulations, and strictly adhere to these standards of behavior. We maintain this approach
and uphold a high ethical stance, acting with a social conscience and working towards sustainable growth.

  • 1

    Through the use of our technology and ISO 22000 management systems, we provide safe and reliable products
    that meet customers’ needs and satisfaction. In addition, we contribute to the creation of a
    richer culinary world and create and provide value that brings benefit to society.

  • 2

    The strict observance of laws and regulations is a given. In addition to always acting with a sound social
    conscience, we never engage with anti-social forces that attempt to threaten law and order.
    Our organization stands as one in firm resolve to act ethically.

  • 3

    We recognize that environmental efforts are an integral part of a corporation’s social engagement and we
    pursue sustainable, earth-friendly approaches across all of our activities.

  • 4

    We engage in transactions based on free, fair, and open market competition and manage and engage in business
    with our reputation in society first and foremost.

  • 5

    We act as an upstanding company and respect human rights, engaging in activities that contribute to society.

  • 6

    We aim to create a workplace culture where employees will enthusiastically use their skills, and we respect
    individual diversity, character, and difference. We aim to maximize our team’s creativity and professional
    expertise to the fullest.

  • 7

    We maintain a fair, open, and transparent stance with governments, administrations, and the law. 

  • 8

    Officers and executives recognize that the achievement of this code of conduct is their responsibility
    and set the initiative, leading by example. In addition to improving the approach to management and company
    internal structure, in the event of any infractions found to this code of conduct, they ascertain the cause,
    disclose that information, and make clear where the responsibility falls, including on themselves, taking
    thorough measures to prevent any recurrence of said problems.

Compliance standards
「Our four areas of commitment」

  • 1

    We act in accordance with
    our corporate vision and act
    as engaged members of society.

  • 2

    We strictly observe laws
    and regulations and engage in
    clean and fair business activities.

  • 3

    Information obtained over
    the course of our work is managed
    in a strict and careful manner.

  • 4

    We value those we work with
    and aim to create an open and
    comfortable workplace culture.

  • Products


    We select a range of hydrocolloids, among them pectin, from the best global suppliers and present solutions to clients based on our deep expertise in their use. 

  • Promotional activities

    Promotional activities

    We exhibit at a range of expos each year, using these events as an opportunity to share our products and technologies with the food industry.

  • Web sales

    Web sales

    We offer a wide selection of products available for convenient purchase online.

  • Ensuring safety

    Ensuring safety

    We strictly select the most unique ingredients from around the world for our purposes. We work only with trusted suppliers, ensuring that we provide you with safe and high-quality products.

  • Our business scope

    Our business scope

    We import natural and functional ingredients from global manufacturers and sell them to domestic food manufacturers in Japan.